6 Greatest Movies About Art Everybody Should Watch


Art is not just restricted to drawings and paintings; art is a way of life, a way to tell your story to the world and a way to get yourself out of this world. Art is different for everyone and art has a lot of various forms; each, telling its own story. There are films about art which portray every single story in its unique way. You can watch these movies on Vimeo app using your mobile.

Movies About Art

The Greatest Movies About Art

It’s kind of a funny story

It’s kind of a funny story Movie

This movie revolves around a young adult trying to figure out his life and gets things together. When he comes to the realization that he suffers from a well-known mental illness known as depression and his journey to recovery is reflected not only in his behavior but his art and his drawings and how he achieves to get better and let himself out in his unique way which is art. You can watch this movie on Hotstar.Com or Hotstar App.

Here are two interesting stories you can read:


Based on the life of Frida Kahlo, this movie is a true delight as it takes you on a journey where she discovers a lot about herself and makes some astounding paintings of her journey and how she sees the world and how she perceives it. Some truly remarkable art is what her paintings are and what her life is. This movie is also streaming on Hotstar official website.

Lust for Life

The movie is a Hollywood biopic on one of the most famous and remembered artists in the world; Vincent Van Gogh. The biopic shows how he was tortured and troubled and leaves his home to live with his sibling, Theo; who, like most people fails to understand his brother’s views and art. The movie puts you on an emotional roller coaster and all you could ask for and much more!

My Left Foot

The movie is about a well-known Irish painter and writer, Christy Brown. Christy lived with severe Cerebral Palsy which is shown astonishingly in the film. The movie is the tribute to the artist and writer and shows and discovers his personality slowly and how it developed his art. The film also takes some inspiration from his autobiography and shows his love life. It is a delight to watch and motivates you to reach for what you want to do and what makes you happy.

Le mystère Picasso

The movie is based on the life of the world’s most famous and renowned artist, Pablo Picasso. The picture takes you on a journey and shows you the unique ways in which Picasso made his paintings and how and where he got the inspiration from. The movie is a piece of cake for all the art lovers out there. It is an emotional journey which gives out the message of how important art really is and how it tells a different story each and every time.

Big eyes

The movie recently came out in 2014 and is already making its way up in some of the greatest. The film is based on Margret Keane and her husband, Walter Keane who unfortunately takes credit of the paintings painted by Margret and puts his under his name. The story unravels a lawsuit Margret put on her husband. It honestly portrays how art can mean so much to a person and how it is so much more than the money and the fame that can come from it.

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